Sunday, April 5, 2015

Besties Forever Designed by Sherri Baldy

Besties Forever Designed by Sherri Baldy

Chocoholics Anonymous rejoice!

Designed by Anita Jeram for Clothworks, this collection is called Chocoholics - that says it all! 

Funny, delicious, cute, light hearted ... I can't find enough words to describe it, you have to see it to understand how much fun this fabric is. 

The perfect way to say, “ I love you right up to the moon ~ and back.”

Chocoholics Lovers Mice Brown

Chocoholics Lovers Mice Pink 

Chocoholics Lovers Mice Blue

Chocoholics Candy Pink

and Aqua

Chocoholics Heart Tonal 

Pink, Green, Brown

Michael Miller Petite Paris

 Petite Paris is such a delicate and sweet collection! I like the playfulness and yet soft lines and colors in these fabrics

Delicate ornament fabric with pretty lilac on white damask pattern   

Fleur De Lis






 Petite Hearts 




Petite Paris


New fabrics!

I am always on a lookout for interesting new fabrics, but I have to tell you, it's getting harder and harder to pick out just a few fabrics! There are so many talented designers out there, and the fabrics are irresistible! I do most of my shopping for fabrics in the morning, with breakfast, and if a fabric makes me happy even without the required cup of  coffee to wake me up, then I know I found the right fabric to make the sassiest of aprons!

I am the most excited about buying these adorable fabrics from Dear Stella called Sea Worthy. An apron doesn't have to be just useful but fun also, and if it will put a smile on people 's faces, then it's worth it!


Sea Worthy by Dear Stella

Seaworthy brings us all things nautical! From classic sailboats and anchors to playful mermaids and seahorses - this collection truly has something for everyone.

Mermaids Navy 


Seahorse Pink 

Pinstripe Pink 


Carousel Collection in Indigo and Pink



Glamo Camo 

in Pink and Camo



Michael Miller Fiesta 

Fiesta' is a new collection from Michael Miller Fabrics that features fun patterns, designs, and shapes that come in vibrant and fun color palettes, such as chocolate, grape, and blue!

Tiddlywinks by Dena Design

Tiddlywinks is the perfect collection for the little girl in you. It brings to life a charming tea party with all of the favorite things: butterflies, flowers, cupcakes and cherries. This fabric makes me happy and the cupcakes are simply delicious.

Good Morning Sunshine

Designed by Beth Logan for Henry Glass & Co

This Bee print comes in 3 colors and has busy bumble bees flying around leaving a trail behind them. 

I found this cute fabric with yellow sunflowers on a blue background surprisingly modern and irresistible!


Jennifer Paganelli Good Company 

Isabelle Canary

 Margo Garnet 

Margo Azul 


Tina Givens Feather Flock

This is what Tina Givens had to say about the collection:

'Feather Flock is a dreamy collection of novelty prints based on a very sweet memory of my children when they were chatty little toddlers. The collection features Princess Feather, a special nocturnal fairy who loves to flitter in the soft, moon-lit sky. Her best friend is the King Bird, reigning over the special night sky who ensures his flock of tiny birds keep watch over all the children in the land. Inspired by my children's nursery when they were little people, the room had amazing sky lights over each of their toddler beds. We'd watch the stars come out and on special nights, the crescent moon appeared in full view. The children’s father and I would chat with them about the moon, the King Bird and his merry flock who'd stay watch as they slept in the light of the moon. A sweet memory I will always cherish.'

Princess Feather 

in Apple and Aqua




Michael Miller Sea Buddies

A whimsical collection filled with fun Summer memories and playful characters,  fun and fresh sea themed fabrics

Swimmin' in the Sea Magenta and Sea

Umbrella Stripe Pink

Sea Coral Raspberry and Wave


A Sea of Stars Coral


New Wave Mango, Pink, Wave, Fern


 These fabrics go hand in hand with the latest Mermaid Collection