Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Fabrics! Tina Given's Opal Owl!


"Opal Owl represents the unexpected strength in all of us to make our very own dreams come true! The collection is both whimsical and playful enough for the child in each of us from infant through old age. Colors I chose are vibrant and powerful reflecting that inner glow we all own from masculine blues, greens, reds, orange and mustards, to feminine pinks and purples and provocative greens. " Tina Givens

Simply adorable! I can't wait to get around to making aprons from it.

Opal Owl - Mustard

Opal Owl - Green
Sold Out!

Opal Owl - Red
Sold Out!

Magical Forrest - Red

Magical Forrest - Mustard

Bark - Mustard

I also have Tina Givens - Treetop Fancy - Sunset Veranda - Green

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