Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sarah Jane captures the innocence of childhood Summer Nights with Wee Wanderer Collection

What Sarah Jane had to say about the collection:

Creating a fabric collection is like putting together a puzzle from your soul. I have a feeling or a set of colors and images, and I want to tell a story with it…one that resonates on multiple levels. I think about the child, and their interpretation of the illustration. I think about the quilter, and needing to cut up fabric freely. I think about the apparel sewer, and needing something that works on a large surface. I think about the mom who is going to redecorate their child’s space and needs lots of inspiration and lots of pieces to make her space work. I think about what colors are trending, but that also tell my story authentically. And so many more questions. But like I said, it all starts from a feeling and this collection comes from my own childhood memories of playing outside and wandering through the meadows and woods behind my house, with the only curfew being supper time. Wandering without boundaries. Daydreaming without having to be reeled in. Staying up past dark on summer nights to catch fireflies. And watch the twinkling trees in the distance.
Wee Wander:  It’s a play on words. It’s a “little” wander, or let’s all go on a wander.


Summer Night Lights Double Border Magenta

Summer Night Lights Double Border Twilight

Wee Wander With The Birds Pink

Wee Wander Woods Petal

Summer Ride Melon

Summer Ride White

Summer Ride Seafoam

Wee Wander Glow Friends Pink

Wee Wander Glow Friends Sea







What a sweet collection!

Tina Givens Riddles and Rhymes

Tina Givens’ collection for children captures a dreamy fairy land of friendship fairies, giant birds with crowns in the sky and floating castles. Bubble balloons lifting elephants up, up and away. Warm and huggable bears and bunnies and unicycle girls on their way to the soiree in the sky. Her fairy tales don’t have poison, nor witches’ spells, wicked stepmothers or mean sisters… they’re filled with magical flights and floating clouds with crystal rain drops and feather light ships. Tina’s little creatures love to play and giggle and flit through the air, granting wishes to dreams. Do you hear tinkling music with sweet rhyming whispers? A tiny piano and flute playing their riddles all the while the creatures dance in the air.

I just received these beautiful fabrics today! I can't wait to start creating new aprons from it!

Sing Me a Song Blue


Giraffe Fun Bubblegum


Giraffe Fun Sand


Sky Sail Blue

Unicycle Play Strawberry


Fairy Magic Candy



Fairy Magic Lemon







Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Remix Polka Dots by Robert Kaufman








Steel Grey

Tossed Dots Crocus 



Tossed Dots Pear

Tossed Dots Blue

Tossed Dots Blush





Verna Mosquera Rosewater

Cabana Stripe

Daiquiri, Cotton, Mint

Wreath Yellow, Seamist

Rosewater Vintage Paisley Honey

Rosewater Vintage Paisley Popsicle

Rosewater Vintage Paisley Spa


 Tanya Whelan Rosey Cameo Roses

 Tanya Whelan Rosey Little Bouquet Teal

Tanya Whelan Rosey Cameo RoseTeal

 Tanya Whelan Rosey Cameo Rose Green


Tanya Whelan Slipper Roses

Baby Roses Pink


Baby Roses Green


Slipper Roses Green

Slipper Roses White

Slipper Roses Pink


Slipper Roses Blue