Thursday, March 8, 2012

New - Tina Givens - Pernilla's Journey


This collection is inspired by one of Tina's 

favorite childhood  books about a young girl who lived

 in a Parrot Jungle. 

Through Pernilla's journey she encounters 

exotic animals,

 brilliant gardens and fountain pools.

 This whimsical collection emulate Tina's light 

and hopeful style with elephant's lightly 

parading across the width of the fabric

 and seahorses

 dancing in the middle of medallions.

Elephant Run 

Cotton Candy



  Sold Out!


Homestead Cotton Candy

 Royal Parrot  Aqua Marine

Parrot Jungle Watermelon


Parrot Perch Grape


Suzanie Licorice


Tapestry Cotton Candy


Unicorn Land Lime
(sold out)

Unicorn Land Grape


Unicorn Land Watermelon

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